Megan Godbee


Megan is a forensic psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society, trained in Acceptance and Commitment and Schema therapies. She has worked in both community and prison-based settings, conducting assessments as well as delivering both group and individual treatment. 


Megan has over ten years of experience working with high risk violent and sexual offenders. She has written reports to courts and the Parole Board, and is skilled in assessing reoffending risk for a variety of offence types. Megan’s treatment experience has included facilitating rehabilitation programs in a therapeutic community setting, as well as targeted individual treatment for clients with extensive trauma histories, mental health issues and low cognitive functioning. Having spent the last three years working as a psychologist in New Zealand, she has particular experience with both Pacifika clients and gang-related offending. 


Megan’s publications have focused on personality traits related to offending, and also on self-care for people who work with offending populations. She has delivered research presentations and guest lectures at the University of New South Wales and the University of Waikato (in New Zealand).